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A Walk in the Park

Captured by Peg with her new tripod

Captured by Peg with her new tripod

The above image was captured by my wife Peg as we walked around a state park in PA near the West Virginia border on Saturday. The previous weekend we had gone to a camera store and purchased new tripods, both to replace my older tripod that had collapsed, damaging my Mamiya 645e and also to give Peg her own tripod, as she really enjoys macro work (something I’ve never really dug deep into). Now Peg has a tripod and so do I, so when we wander around a beautiful location, we both can just capture what we want instead of swapping.

Peg used her 40D (a wonderful camera) and I used my Canon FTb loaded with Ilford Pan F, which I intend to develop with Rodinal in honor of my friend Paul Lester who swears by that combination. The image above was also put through Nik Silver Efex, and I thought the look was very nice. One obvious advantage of digital is that we can enjoy this image she captured now, while my images from that walk are still in the camera, undeveloped.

I’ve always enjoyed using a tripod. While yes, you do have to lug it around a bit, these new tripods (Manfrotto 055XPros) were a joy to work with and were tall enough for both of us. My old Gitzo, while light and it certainly gave me years of great service, never got very high and I was always bending over. The image above was on a small rise above the trail we were walking, and it was such a joy to just aim the camera up and stand at our full height to futz with the shot. Some people would never want to carry around a tripod; I can certainly understand why. But there’s a thought process and a rhythm you get into with a tripod that works for me, especially when we’re walking through woods like this. For me, it’s very meditative.

Tomorrow it will be September 21st, and fall is most assuredly in the air here in Pittsburgh. It’s not especially cool yet, but the angle of the sun and the lack of rainfall really combine to spell out ‘fall.’ I have an order prepped to send off to Freestyle to get some Velvia for capturing the fall colors. In a couple weeks that season will begin and I’m sure that Peg and I will be out trying to capture the changing of the leaves.

Speaking of Sept. 21st, it’s been a full month since I sent back the Mamiya 645e that I bought used from Adorama. I don’t mean to call them out here in this blog, but, honestly, how long does it take for them to fix the thing they shipped to me broken in the first place?

Every day that passes I miss my Nikon scanner. I reached the point of impatience on Saturday when I sent off seven undeveloped rolls of b&w to North Coast to develop and scan. At least that way I can look at this work and share the best (or maybe the worst) with you when I get it back from them.

Here’s another image from the group Peg captured yesterday:

Also tweaked in Nik

Also tweaked in Nik

Posted by Chris Klug on September 20, 2009