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Leica M3

As some of you may know, when I visited Ray he let me use his father’s M3. Excitedly I threw in a roll of TMAX 400 (well, I fumbled loading the vintage camera, but Ray helped) and I exposed a roll as we walked around a fairgrounds. Some highlights of the roll (from my perspective) are below. Some these are included so you can see the lens/film combo at work (this roll was contrasty as well as the roll from the Bessa/Zeiss combo, but in a different way). I really need to ask North Coast what their developer/time combo is for TMAX 400. Enjoy as you may. Thanks again, Ray.

Ride the Ferriswheel
Rockin' the Boardwalk
The Elephant Ride

Posted by Chris Klug on October 4, 2009