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Random Excellence

Hunting late in the day

Hunting late in the day

One of the blogs I read every day is The Online Photographer. It is sort of a famous photo blog, and I assume that everyone who comes here probably goes there. Anyhow, for a while now I’ve been a fan of Cheryl Nicolai’s work, recently Mike highlighted her in a post he does once in a while called ‘Random Excellence.’ He linked to a blog entry she had made on her blog, and I just wanted anyone who comes here and hasn’t been there to go visit this entry for yourself.

Check Cheryl’s blog entry giving advice to photographers here. Or you can go visit Mike’s site and read it there.

A word about the image: Peg and I wandered over to the lake near our house the other day because they are draining the lake in preparation for dredging it. Peg got come great shots of the exposed lake bottom before she spotted this Falcon perched on the top of what I assume is the pump house. I borrowed the 40D from her to grab a couple images of the beautiful bird before I handed it back to her.

Posted by Chris Klug on October 21, 2009