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April Golden Light

Fuji 160 preset in Color Efex

What I meant in the last post about using a DSLR in this shoot was: Exposures of images such as this were always problematic for me because the highlights in the yellow could easily blow out. The other issue with this image was the wind was blowing the bloom all over the place. So, using my 5D’s histogram, I did a couple of test shots where I could establish an EV adjustment that kept the yellow under control. Then, using the auto focus, I exposed about three dozen images as the wind blew, and only about three images had the right parts in focus. There’s no way I could’ve gotten it on film, both the exposure and the focus.

The use of Color Efex gave me a little grain and a very pleasing saturation.

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Posted by Chris Klug on April 11, 2010